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What happens if I don’t leave my apartment as agreed?

After your move out we are going to review your room and your apartment. In case of non-fulfillment of the following requirements of moving out or in case of unreported or unrepaired damages we will rework these. Resulting costs will be invoiced to you and possibly deducted from your deposit. Likewise, the non-return of your keys results in withholding your deposit. Enclosed you will find the most important requirements that must be considered in the context of moving out:

  • Inform our support in advance about the date of your key delivery at the Medici Living office. Please log in with your email and password to create a request.
  • Restore the condition of your room as it was at the beginning of the tenancy
  • Clean your room and dispose of your waste
  • Pull off the bed linen and sheets and leave them on the bed
  • Replace damaged light bulbs in your room as well as other damaged light bulbs in the apartment.
  • Report damages you have caused to our support team so that we can find a simple and cost effective solution for you.
  • Clean up the common rooms (your flat mates will certainly help you).
  • Close your room window, regulate your heater to * or 0 and turn off the light.
  • Lock up your room when moving out.
  • Attention: Handover of keys has to take place latest until the last work day (Monday-Saturday, except holidays) of contract until 10:00 am in our office.
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