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I cannot pay my rent this month. What should I do?

In case you can not pay your rent due to any reason we are asking you to immediately contact us stating reasons using our online contact form in your account.

Therefore please log in with your email and password and go to "support".

In the following we will contact you in order to find a suitable solution. However not paid rent can generally lead to termination without notice.

If you do not announce the non-payment of your rent, we reserve the right to task an encashment company with the collection of the claim. This can sometimes take influence on your Schufa. In addition, you'll not receive a positive rent arrears liberty certificate (“Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung”) from us in this case.

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Möchtest du eine Support Anfrage stellen? Dann kannst du dich hier in deinem Medici Living Kundencenter anmelden

(You want to create a support ticket? Login in to your Medici Living Account and create a ticket in the customer area)
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