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My room is cold. Why isn’t the heater working?

The maintenance of heating is the responsibility of the facility management. They will turn on heating as soon as a certain outdoor temperature is reached. Thus it is possible, that your heating is turned off during the summer months.

Unfortunately we are not able to run heating during the summer months. As soon as the outdoor temperatures necessitate heating according to the German legislator the facility management will turn it on. German heating period officially starts on October, 1st and ends on April, 30th.

At the beginning of the heating season, it is normal that the heating takes a little longer to get warm, this is not a defect and should be remedied after some time by itself.

In case of a factual malfunction of the heaters we ask you to immediately create a request by log in with your email and password on our website. Please help us to solve the problem by going through the following checklist and to answer the questions:

  1. Is the heating turned on at the highest level? - Y/N - when NO please turn on fully and then check again
  2. Are any curtains or furniture in front of the radiator? - Y/N - when YES vacate the radiator completely
  3. Do you have the problem in all rooms? - Y/N
  4. Is the radiator completely cold? - Y/N
  5. Does the heating system indicate an error code? - Y/N - if YES, please indicate the code
  6. Do the the pipes to radiator get warm? - Y/N
  7. If only the lower part of the radiator is hot or bubbling noises are perceived, the radiator must be vented as follows:

• You need a bowl, a towel and a square spanner or a pipe wrench
• put the towel below the valve in order to soak up pouring water, take square wrench or pliers and loosen the valve carefully
• turn up the heating at the highest level 5 and place the bowl under the valve
• wait shortly until you hear a hiss. It is normal if a little water runs out of the valve in the process. For this reason, the bowl should be placed below it
• eventually the air has escaped from the heating, now only water runs out of the heating
• close the valve with the square spanner or pliers sturdily

If the venting of the heater is not successful, we will report the defect to the the property management.

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