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Electricity cut - Light or power plug isn’t working. Can you come over?

Before sending an electrician to you, please help us to solve the problem by going through the following checklist:

  1. In case of failure of the light - check out/replace the bulbs. Lamp does not work anyway? - Y/N
  2. When the power to an electrical outlet is not working, please try another to check if the appliance is broken or the socket. Device works in another socket properly? - Y/N
  3. Is there is no electricity in the whole apartment? - Y/N - when NO please specify the defect sockets/lamps with corresponding room number
  4. Are the fuses all turned on? - Y/N - please switch on the fuses when NO
  5. When switching on all of the fuses is not successful, we ask you to go through the following steps
  6. turn off all electrical appliances and plug out of the sockets
  7. check all fuses and if triggered turn on again
  8. then gradually plug in all devices one by one, so you'll quickly find out which one causes the power failure

If the electricity is not still working, please send us a photo of the fuse box and we immediately inform the property management.

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