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The inventory in a common room is damaged. What can I do?

If the inventory are items of permanent use (e.g. plumbing articles for electricity, water, gas, heating and cooking appliances, window and door locks, closing mechanisms of shutters), the damage must be borne by you and your roommates yourself to the extent that the cost of a single maintenance or repair action does not exceed a height of 100,- EUR .

If, within a calendar year several such minor repairs are required, the cost sharing is limited to a maximum of 8 % of the annual basic rent or at most 350 EUR.

Important: Particularly for equipment such as dishes, and electronic equipment in the common areas we only supply basic equipment for founding a shared apartment. It is a one-time-standard equipment, for which we will not purchase a replacement. This means that, for example damaged electronic equipment such as vacuum cleaner and iron, dishes and other items will not be replaced from us. In case Items must be replaced or aren’t enough, you must organize yourself as a shared flat and buy these.

In case the inventory is not an item of constant use we ask you to document the damage with photos and report it immediately.

Documenting damage should consider the following points:

In which room is the damaged inventory located (bathroom, kitchen, hallway, bedroom)?

How can the damage be described?

Picture of the damage


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